reflect as the time goes 

Do reflect the past.

Make an improvement.

Keep going on no matter how many obstacles ahead.


keep smiling

and Keep on SMILLING! :)

Assalamualaikum everybody,

To each and every member of Faculty of Dentistry (especially the committee members- I think all of us were committee members)

Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation. Well done!!!! All of your hard work and hardship was paid off yesterday.

I would like to say that Dato’ was very proud with all of you and again, congratulation! !!! If possible, I would  give a standing ovation to all of you. (big clap!!!).

Life is like food. You may taste sweet, sour, bitter and salty. But the combination make the life is so delicious. Life is about choices. You can be negative or positive, it is up to you. We can always view things in various perspectives.

My way of seeing things may not be the same as yours. My method along the program was my inner feeling straight from my heart with a little help from my brain and experiences. I would like to say sorry to everybody for any wrong doing by me along the program.

I would like to congratulate all of you especially Futsal team, Netball team, Volley ball team, Tennis team and table tennis team for your efforts and fighting spirit. For me all of you are the champion.(special song dedicated to the champion as attached below).

Besides the excellent achievement for the organiser and the athletes, there is still huge room for improvement. So, kindly be informed that a post mortem meeting will be held as soon as possible.

Good luck to 2nd year students for your exam.

You may go through hard way this year. Please feel free to ask for help. Be tough!

The poster is attached together below. I think it may be a good memory for all of us.

I’m not a good leader but I have good friends.
THANK YOU friends!!!!!!

May Allah bless all of you.

Hafiz Yaakob


Kejohanan Sukan Intervarsiti 2009

dedicated to all


p/s: poster as in the previous post.