Program LIQO' merupakan salah satu aktiviti terbaru yang bakal dianjurkan oleh DSC di bawah kelolaan Biro Pembangunan Sahsiah & Kerohanian; yang di ketuai oleh saudara Ahmad Akmal bin Ahmad Saberi (tahun 2) dan Siti Fakhriah binti Yaakob (tahun 2).

Untuk megetahui keseluruhan sistem yang akan digunakan bagi program LIQO' ini, anda semua dijemput hadir ke MAJLIS PELANCARAN PROGRAM LIQO' pada waktu & tempat seperti yang telah dilampirkan di atas.

Berikut merupakan senarai nama naqib dan naqibah yang telah dilantik. Tahniah diucapkan!

1. Ahmad Akmal bin Ahmad Saberi (tahun 2)

2. Mohd Shahid bin Izani (tahun 2)

3. Muslim Nur Hakim bin Hassan (tahun 2)

4. Mohd Redzuan bin Salahudin (tahun 2)

5. Ahmad Fais bin Hj Mohd Hasnan (tahun 3)

6. Siti Fakhriah binti Yaakob (tahun 2)

7. Asmaa' binti Ahmad Jafree (tahun 2)

8. Nur Amirah binti Abd Aziz (tahun 2)

9. Engku Nor Nadia binti Tengku Mahamod (tahun 2)

10. Nur Farizan binti Mohd Kamil (tahun 2)

11. Siti Syafiqa binti Othman (tahun 2)

12. Nurul Asyikin binti Saharudin (tahun 2)

13. Masyitah binti Mustaffa (tahun 3)

14. Nor Anis Zullyana binti Zulkifli (tahun 3)

15. Nurul Asmat binti Abdul Rahman (tahun 3)

16. Nur Amalina binti Zulkepre (tahun 3)

17. Laila Azwa binti Hassan (tahun 3)

18. Fatimah binti Che Rahimi (tahun 3)



Salam there!

Well I guess that this DSC blog sure had a lots of spidey web eh?
I guess that all of you guys are in holiday mood.

Allow me to spoil your holiday mood! Let me give you terror and fear with this post of mine! Yahaha! I hope it will.

This is our requirement for clinical session. This is from Year 3 until Year 5.
If any of you fail to achieve it, do not panic. There are good news and bad news.
I would like to tell you but I myself not pretty sure what await us if we fail to.

So lets not fail it and do our best to achieve the target. Okay?

This post was already posted in my blog. So I’ll just copy-and-paste it here. Enjoy!


We just received this piece of paper on 25th of November 2010 with the title of,




with our Uni logo at the center top of the paper along with the Code of Conduct in the Clinic.


The paper consist of seven boxes that divided seven departments with the first page having three boxes while the remaining four on the back.


Anyway, here is our requirement list. We all will be bar from sitting the final exam (which in Year 5 if I’m not mistaken) if we fail to finish the requirement given.













I’d like to congratulate the already-in First Year (2011/2012) or the fifth batch that manage to further their studies here in this faculty.

And also to the Third Year (2011/2012) for managing to enter the clinical years.

They took the pledge already.

And lastly to our trainee lecturer…


Yesterday; 10th September, The First Year students were safely arrived at our luxurious apartment hostel after spending three days at our main campus in Nilai for registration & Taaruf Week. To be honest, we seniors are very very excited to meet the juniors and to get to know all the 29 new students.

So people, let us begin this wonderful first week of our semester (Semester 1, 2011/2012) with this two great events:

say what?? TAARUF WEEK again...??

"O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.." Holy Quran, 49:13

yeah. I got the point. 

Some of you especially the new students may not have any idea on what the event is all about. WHITE COAT CEREMONY is actually a pledge-reading ceremony where all the THIRD YEAR students will recite an oath saying that they will do good in performing their jobs and treating patients for their upcoming 3 years of CLINICAL sessions.

and for the BEST STUDENT AWARD Ceremony...well, as its name portrays: award for excellent students.

so people, enjoy the events!