Serving Communities at Rumah Nur Hikmah, Kajang

Saturday, 26th of March 2011, Second year students of Faculty of Dentistry, USIM conducted a community service at one of the orphanage in Kajang called RumahNurHikmah. 28 students along with Pn. BadariahHasan (matron) and Dr. Ahmed Mahmood (dentist) went there by bus and arrived at 8.15 a.m. All of the students and staffs were welcomed warmly by the principal of the orphanage, Hj. Othman. There were 40 orphans involved in this community services. Most of them are between 3 – 12 years old. The event started with an opening ceremony and video presentation done by the students. The opening speech was delivered by the director of community service, Akmal Khalis Doreyat.

Then, the event proceeded with tooth brushing and flossing demonstration. The purpose of this demonstration was to teach the orphan on how to take care of their oral cavity. The use of typo-dent kit in the demonstration really captivated the orphans. After that, the event continued with plaque score where the orphans got chances to see the condition of their own teeth. The plaque score were intended to expose the orphans about plaque and the state of their teeth. Besides, while doing the plaque score, students explained to the orphans about the plaque and what does the plaque do to the teeth.

At 10 a.m., there were dental checkup done by Pn. Badariah Hasan (matron) and Dr. Ahmed Mahmood (dentist) as well as number of students to help with the dental charting. The dental checkup was done to check the oral health condition of the orphans and also give recommendations to increase the level of oral health status in the orphanage. Most of the orphans were very anxious of getting checked. The levels of oral health status of the orphans are good. After that, a telematchhad been done to create happy and fun emotion among the orphans and students. There were two games with balloons, balls and hoops. A chicken dance had also prepared by the students. Everyone was very excited and pleased with the activities.

Around 11 a.m., there was another ceremony which was prize giving ceremony to the orphans. All of them were as joyful as they got the prizes such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, notebook, stickers, bookmarks and postcards. At the same time, closing speech conveyed by the vice director of community service, Abdullah ZahidAzhari wrapped up the event. However, the bus came a little late, so, the students spent some more time with the orphans although the event has ended.

Lastly, the time spent has created a lovely and earnest feeling towards the orphans which apparently increase the awareness of the students to really take care the oral health of the orphans and others. Besides, the students also learned about communication skills which are very important in every dentist.

report prepared by: fatimah che rahimi

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