Time is ticking,

Heart start racing,

anxiety setting in,

Exam is nearing.

To all the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd year,

Good luck on your upcoming final exam!

be CALM and Study smart.

Finally Akasia Seni 2 had been held on the 16th of October 2010. Lots of activities had been done such as congkak game, making the ketupat lesson, video klip presentations, and art gallery exhibition. The highlight of the event was Pantun Piala Dato' Dr Wan Mohamad Nasir Competition which was held from morning to the evening.

the pantun competition finale

We had invited juries from the art and film course to judge our artwork, a caricature who draws portraits of the visitors coming in, and journalists from the Usim Today News.

The night session was most awaited event of the day, as all of the batch in FoD had give out their best to give their performance.

It was a night to remember!

the closing ceremony was officially inaugurated by Dato' Wan Mohamad Nasir

one of the performance made by the students

Thumbs up for all the students.

on the 25th September 2010, our faculty had held, which will be an annual event for all batch,

ENGLISH ESCAPADE, for the 2nd year students.

with the help of mrs Que and the staff, we finally manage to pull it off together.

my sincere apology for the delay :)

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~precious memories at Hutan Lipur Kanching, Hulu Langat~

“Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart.”

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An annual ceremony done in this Faculty,

also to celebrate the arrival of the new batch of FoD for this year, the 1st year students.

The White Coat Ceremony is where the 3rd year students will give their pledge prior to their entrance to clinical years.

and the award goes to....

1st Year
Academic Excellence Award &
(Overall)Excellence Award -Nik Mohd Haziq Asyraf Nik Alim

2nd Year
Academic Excellence Award -Sarah Sofhia Che Kamaludin
(Overall)Excellence Award -Sharifah Nor 'Aishah Syed Yussof

3rd Year
Academic Excellence Award -Nur Wahida Abu Bakar
(Overall)Excellence Award -Nurul Huda Maskim

Congratulations to all that have been awarded as best student for 2009/2010 session

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca blog. Berikut merupakan sebahagian daripada gambar-gambar sepanjang minggu orientasi dijalankan. Tahniah dan selamat datang diucapkan kepada semua pelajar Tahun Satu.

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Date : 3rd July 2010
Venue : Carnival Masjid Al Azim, Pandan Indah
Student / staff involved : 7 students + Dr. Zurairah
Event : Dental check up.

Prepare the set at 7.30 a.m.

FREE CHECK UP at 9.30 a.m. – that is what people are waiting for.

Oh yeah!

Unset the set at 3.30 p.m. which total up around 46 patient that day.

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The best thing is that most of the patient that came on that day live nearby and works in private sector!

You know what I mean. :)

p/s ; 15 students when to Nilai to handle dental check up there.

26th June 2010.
FoD Usim have embark on a mission
to conquer Gunung Datuk in Rembau,
884 metres.

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within 2 hours,
with much hardship.

p/s-Sorry for the delay post~

In commemoration for our grand event of the year, Gunung Datuk Hiking trip, DSC had held a fitness test or in another word a training session for the participants who will be joining the trip this coming Saturday.

We’ve made 2 training session during the weekends at Bukit Saga, Cheras, which is just in front of our hostel.

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Yesterday, a leadership course has been held. Unexpectedly at 15th floor.

A joint venture made between Pandan MPP, JAKSA, MSC, and DSC.

talk by senior medical students on 'Leaders according to Islamic Perspective'



Overall the objective is to know the specific roles of each Society and how to work together as one community of USIM PandanJ

It is our utmost pleasure to have Dr. Mohd Zulkarnain b Sinor with us for our 2nd grand meeting.

Here we call out to all the FoD USIM students to attend this honorable ceremony. Details of the event is as follows:

Date: 16 June 2010 (Wednesday)

Venue: Al-Quds lecture hall

5.30pm - students arrival

5.35pm - opening ceremony

5.45pm - speech from DSC’s president

6.00pm – Dr Mohd Zulkarnain b Sinor’s speech

6.10pm – Q&A

6.30pm – end of meeting

attendance is compulsory.

On the 9th and 10th June 2010, faculty of Dentistry USIM had held a Dental Scientific Seminar and Exhibition. The objective of the seminar is ‘a clinical approach towards optimum restorative outcome’. We were honored to have speakers from around the world to give the talk in the seminar.

The speakers were: Prof Dr Benjamin Briseno Marrquin (Germany)

Dr Marc Bachmann (Switzerland)

Dr Joseph Postigo (Philippines)

They shared many different and unique skills in the clinic to improve quality of the treatment. The first ever dental seminar held by our faculty, have been attended by postgraduate students from other universities, private practitioners and many others. There were also exhibition held to promote dental products and new inventions from various dental supply companies.

The event had truly opened our eyes as the undergraduate students to the new world of dentistry. It shows that in this field of study, there will always be new improvements and upgrades to improve our clinical practice and as a student, we need always to keep up with the new advancement and become an excellent dentist. Wallahualam

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Cannot afford to believe it? Here’s the prove!


This was actually the Varsiti section of Berita Harian dated on 10th June 2010.


p/s : thanks to Chepah for the pic and Husna & Nisreen for the article.

Hari ini kita dimaklumkan bahawa ayah kepada saudara Muhd. Hafiz bin Yaakob (pelajar tahun 3 Pergigian, President Dental Student Club) ,
En. Yaakob bin Ismail telah kembali rahmatullah pada petang hari Isnin 24 Mei 2010 baru-baru ini.

mari kita sama-sama warga fakulti pergigian mendoakan jenazah beliau,

To all of the 3rd year students,

whom have already started and still undergoing their exams and osce,
and will be facing their 3rd professional exam on the 19-23 April 2010,
we wish you the very best of luck!!!


Salam muhibah kepada semua...

Alhamdulillah... Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana program khidmat masyarakat kami; pelajar-pelajar pergigian tahun pertama berjalan lancar seperti yang telah dirancang pada 27 Mac 2010 yang lalu. Program ini merupakan salah satu modus operandi yang amat bermanfaat bagi kami kerana mampu memberi pendedahan dan pengalaman yang berguna sebagai panduan buat kami untuk menyemai semangat ke arah pembentukan seorang Doktor Pergigian yang seimbang pada masa akan datang... Biiznillah...Insya-Allah... Dilampirkan sekali video pendek sebagai gambaran sebahagian daripada aktiviti-aktiviti yang telah kami jalankan sepanjang program ini...

bersempena dengan peperiksaan profesional kita yang bakal menjelma,

satu program khas solat hajat FPg akan diadakan seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 19 Mac 2010 (Jumaat)


5.30pm ketibaan pelajar

5.45pm ucapan pengerusi majlis dan doa

5.50pm ucapan presiden DSC

6.00pm heart to heart

6.30pm makan

7.15pm bacaan ma’thurat

7.30pm solat maghrib, solat hajat dan tazkirah

8.45pm solat isya’ dan kudapan

9.00pm bersurai

Firman Allah dalam surah Ali Imran ayat 159:

Maksudunya: "…maka apabila kamu telah berazam/ berusaha bertawakkallah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi orang yang bertawakkal kepadanya."

before it's too late to post this..

this coming week,starting on the 8th to 12th March.
2nd year students will be seating for their end of sem 2 exam:

8/3/10 - Memorization of Quranic Verses Final Exam

9/3/10 - Behavioural Science and Oral Health Final Exam

11/3/10 - Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Final Exam
- Community Dentistry Final Exam

12/3/10 - Operative Technique Final Exam

followed then after a gruesome fortnight of studying,
will be the 2nd PROFESSIONAL EXAM approaching on the 29/3-5/4.

so to all 2nd year,
not forgetting, to our debaters
who have participated in the
debate 'Piala Naib Canselor USIM' this weekend,

put it in all your efforts and
the best of luck to all!

sincerely from the new exco of information~

PETALING JAYA: Kementerian Kesihatan akan tampil dengan pasukan kaji selidik khas yang akan membuat pemeriksaan ke kediaman terpilih seluruh negara bermula April ini.

Promoting Oral Health

Menterinya, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, berkata kajian yang akan diketuai pegawai pergigian itu diadakan susulan daripada statistik yang mencatatkan masih ramai rakyat negara ini yang enggan mendapatkan rawatan pergigian. Beliau berkata, golongan dewasa dicatatkan masih ramai tidak menitikberatkan penjagaan gigi memandangkan statistiknya menunjukkan tiada perubahan dalam 10 tahun, malah hanya enam peratus yang mendapatkan rawatan. Katanya, 90.3 peratus pesakit gigi dewasa dicatatkan pada 2000 berbanding 94.6 peratus pada 1990. Berikutan itu, katanya, kementerian akan tampil dengan pasukan khas untuk menangani masalah ini. “Pasukan berkenaan akan mengunjungi rumah terpilih untuk menjalankan pemeriksaan gigi sehingga Julai 2010. Kami sasarkan lebih 14,000 orang dewasa seluruh negara berusia 15 tahun ke atas untuk diperiksa menerusi pasukan kajian ini. “Mereka terpilih seharusnya berasa bertuah kerana mendapat pemeriksaan gigi percuma di rumah sendiri tanpa perlu ke klinik,” katanya selepas menyempurnakan Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Kesihatan Oral 1Malaysia, di Tropicana Mall di sini, semalam. Hadir sama, Naib Presiden dan Pengurus Besar GSK Asia Selatan, Akhil Chandra; Presiden PPM, Dr Lee Soon Boon dan bakal Presiden PPM, Dr How Kim Chuan. Kempen anjuran GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK), Persatuan Pergigian Malaysia (PPM) dan Kementerian Kesihatan diadakan selari usaha meningkatkan kesedaran awam mengenai kesihatan oral atau gigi yang baik.

from Metro

BERLIN: Seorang doktor gigi Jerman mencetuskan kontroversi apabila beliau enggan merawat pesakitnya selepas mendapat tahu bahawa nama remaja itu ialah Cihad (nama Turki disebut Jihad).


Doktor itu berkata, beliau menganggap nama pesakit sebagai pengisytiharan perang ke atas bukan Islam dan menyuruhnya pulang.

Remaja berusia 16 tahun, Cihad Celik, berjumpa pakar pergigian untuk membetulkan pendakap gigi namun ditolak doktor gigi itu atas sebab namanya.

Keluarga budak lelaki itu di Donaueschingen, mungkin meminta polis mendakwa wanita berkenaan atas sebab melakukan diskriminasi dalam insiden Selasa lalu.

Pakar pergigian itu kemudian memberitahu akhbar selatan Jerman, Schwarzwaelder Boten, bahawa beliau kemudian merasa kesal dengan pendiriannya kerana 'bukan salah budak lelaki itu yang diberikan nama oleh ibu bapanya.'

Budak lelaki itu menjalani rawatan meratakan gigi selama dua tahun di klinik sama namun dengan pakar berbeza, yang tidak hadir ketika hari kejadian. – Agensi

[sumber Berita Harian]

Today held the AGM.

The MC was Nisreen (3rd year) and doa’ recitation by Wanzul (3rd year)

Miss Rohazila gave an opening speech with also gave us a compliments to our success in handling and organising programs.

After that, it was continued with the former President’s speech - Annurdin.

Then, it’s time for the election of the new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the other committee’s members.

So, this is the result.


President: Muhammad Hafiz Yaakob (3rd year for 2009/2010)

Vice President: Nurfarhana Mohd Yusop (2nd year for 2000/2010)

Secretary: Hafizah Abdull Wahab (3rd year for 2009/2010)

Treasurer: Ahmad Zulkhairi

The other committees:

  1. Kaiyisah
  2. Akmal Khalis
  3. Siti Nur Farhanah
  4. Hanisah
  5. Mohd Fakhri
  6. Nur Hanis

Congratulation to the new DSC.

Good luck and do the best! :)

good luck

Good luck in your mid semester exam starting 8th Jan till 12th Jan 2010 and last paper – anatomy after a week break (15 - 19th Jan 2010).

instruments to keep your oral clean.

Salam 'n ahoy everyone.

T' all dental students o' USIM, thar will be an Annual Grand Meetin' o' Dental Student Club. Th' details o' th' meetin' are as stated below.

Date    : 9 February 2010 (Tuesday)

Venue  :  Al-Quds Hall, Level 15

Time    : 5.30 p.m.


'tis th' list o' positions that shall be selected on that day:

  1. President (Cap'n)
  2. Vice President (Firs' mate)
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Academic Unit
  6. Sports and Recreation Unit
  7. Cultural Unit
  8. Community Unit
  9. Promotion Unit
  10. Spiritual and Counselling Unit
  11. Arkib Unit

Afore attendin' this meetin', loot time t' reckon 'n choose th' scallywag (members) that ye reckon be th' most suitable fer each position. These scallywags can be from all batches o' dental faculty. Jus' reckon first 'n durin' th' meetin', ye may elect yourself or others fer th' various positions as stated above. Yer cooperation be highly appreciated.

Below be th' tentative o' th' programs:

5.30 p.m

Assemble in Al-Quds hall.

5.40 p.m

Doa recitation.

5.45 p.m

Speech by Miss Rohazila.

5.55 p.m

Speech by DSC’s Cap'n, Muhammad Annurdin.

6.05 p.m

Election fer th' new committee hands o' DSC.

7.05 p.m

Speech by DSC’s new Cap'n.

7.15 p.m


Thank you.


p/s: the language is just for fun but the programs are real.

30% Doktor gigi palsu tidak bermakna 30% doktor pergigian di Malaysia adalah Pakar Prosthodontic ye. Berikut adalah dari article dari akhbar Utusan.

"Saya tidak mahu di-interview! Say NO to FAKE dentist!" dengan senyuman.


* 95 doktor disiasat, 28 daripadanya tiada dalam senarai terkini Majlis Pergigian Malaysia.

* 29 daripada 122 nama klinik gigi yang disiasat, tidak berdaftar dengan Kementerian Kesihatan.

* Kebanyakan doktor gigi 'palsu' ini adalah warga asing yang diupah oleh pemilik 'klinik gigi haram'.

* Pesakit gigi yang mendapat khidmat doktor palsu, berisiko wajah jadi cacat, gusi dan tulang muka rosak atau nyawa melayang.

"Kami hensem."

Klik sini untuk link-nya.


SESEORANG terpaksa belajar sehingga lima tahun dan membayar kos sehingga RM500,000 sepanjang tempoh pengajian untuk bergelar doktor gigi. Namun siasatan Unit Khas Utusan Malaysia mendapati gelaran itu dikongsi doktor gigi ‘palsu’ yang turut membuka ‘klinik gigi haram’ di negara ini.

Daripada 95 nama doktor gigi yang disiasat, 28 daripadanya atau hampir 30 peratus tidak berdaftar dengan Majlis Pergigian Malaysia (MDC). Manakala daripada 122 nama klinik yang disiasat, 29 buah atau 25 peratus tidak mendapat tauliah daripada Cawangan Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (CKAPS), Kementerian Kesihatan.

Pada masa ini, terdapat 3,567 doktor gigi berdaftar dengan MDC di seluruh negara. Oleh itu, jika hasil siasatan tersebut diambil kira iaitu nisbah terdapat 28 doktor ‘palsu’ bagi setiap 67 doktor sah, maka di seluruh negara kini terdapat tidak kurang 1,490 doktor gigi ‘palsu’.

Penemuan wartawan penyiasat, MUHAMAD AMIRUL AFIQ MASTOR dan ROSALINDA MD. SAID bersama jurugambar ZAINI HUSIN serta WAHIDAH ZAINAL dalam Bahagian I laporan khas ini pasti menggerunkan orang ramai terutama mereka yang selalu membuat pemeriksaan, menampal dan mencabut gigi atau melakukan kosmetik ortodontik iaitu mencantikkan kedudukan gigi.

Risiko menggunakan khidmat doktor gigi ‘palsu’ dan ‘klinik gigi haram’ termasuk kesukaran menuntut ganti rugi jika berlaku komplikasi yang tidak diingini terhadap muka atau wajah akibat kecuaian. Malah ia mengancam kesihatan dan boleh meragut nyawa terutama ketika peringkat tampalan, mencabut atau membius.

USIM terus maju.

Klik sini untuk link-nya.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,


A meeting for AGM planning will be held on...


Friday 05.02.10.


4.30 p.m.


DSC meeting room.


*All MT please take note.

Ni sebahagian gambar2 je. Ada byk ag. Sape2 nak boley mintak dgn mereka yg pgg kamera pada hari tersebut. Sekian. :)

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