Good luck to all 1st year.

good luck

Good luck in your mid semester exam starting 8th Jan till 12th Jan 2010 and last paper – anatomy after a week break (15 - 19th Jan 2010).

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  1. SmS says:

    salam. arigatou~
    hehe..dah tukar dah rupenya layout blog ni..tpi seems too formal to me. (but it suits DSC, though).^_^

    p/s: many seems to be unaware 'bout this blog.

  2. Hadi says:

    tulah pasal. aku pon xtau nape. haha
    da gtau lm email fpq. :p

    tgk lah cne nti. :)

  3. SmS says:

    i'll be looking 4wd those changes..hehe =P