Presenting Night – MALAM AKASIA SENI.

Occurred on 4th Sept. 09.

Held at al-Quds, FOD, Level 15.

What happened? See it for yourself.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Thank you very much for those who is supporting the program by coming there! To the second year, we know you would love to come and join the program but exam is important! Yeah!

I would like to add some caption but since it is Hyde who is posting this, you need to expect him not to talk much. Hehe. Click here if you want to see it on flickr...

4 Responses so far.

  1. salam...
    nasib baik kitorg dtg mlm tu,
    ade gak gambo perwakilan 2nd year..

  2. Hadi says:

    Haha. Nk aku post gmbr korang amik hadiah jgk ke? ^^

  3. nnt takut riak plak...xpe2
    (pdhal wakil org ambik hadiah je,
    x masuk yg salah ambik hadiah lg...)

  4. Hadi says:

    haha! nseb bek aku xletak.
    oh, lau ko ada cdgn or ada pape yg nk dipostkn, sila la gtau.