A Moment to Cherish at PEYAKIN,Klang

Last Saturday on 2nd April 2011, we as the first year dental students had held a community service at Pertubuhan Anak Yatim dan Miskin (PEYAKIN). There were 30 of us who participated and accompanied by our advisor, Pn Badariah, two lecturers, Dr Azlan and Dr Aspalela, and seniors.We were informed that there were 61 residents altogether. There were boys and girls which age range varied from 11 to 17 years old. Most of them were orphans and came from poor family.

We departed from hostel around 7.15 am to campus. After collecting all the things and tools required, we departed to PEYAKIN. We arrived at PEYAKIN around 8.45am. As soon as we arrived, we set up all the equipment and tools at the dining hall of PEYAKIN.

After everything was in order, the opening ceremony started. The emcees for the ceremony were Laila and Hamizah. They conducted the ceremony well. The director of the programme, Muslim Nur Hakim has also given the opportunity to deliver a speech. He mainly talked about the objective of the programme and its tentative. His words about the game that will be held surely grabbed the resident attention. His speech was followed by the speech from the supervisor of PEYAKIN, Pn Zaleha bt Malik. She expressed her gratitude towards Faculty of Dentistry USIM for our willingness to come and raise awareness about oral health care among the residents. According to her, we were the first group to do so.

The next slot was multimedia presentation and tooth brushing demonstration. The residents paid full attention. After that, each of them was given a tooth brush and plastic cup. They were divided into three groups and accompanied by assigned facilitators. They gathered at open space outdoor to practice the effective tooth brushing technique. They seemed to receive the information well when they managed to demonstrate the tooth brushing techniques. They were able to recall and do exactly the same as we taught them.

tooth brushing drill

They were supposed to check plaque score after then but it has to be postponed due to electrical black out. We were informed that the situation would last for four hours. We proceeded with the next activities which were dental check-up and quiz. Since the dental chairs were limited, only several people could be checked at a time. Therefore, the quiz was held to fill the gap. It was one of the most exciting slot. They were very confident to go in front and answer question about oral healthcare. We gave them mini prizes for those who answered right as a symbol of appreciation.


Dr.Aspalela examining their teeth

After taking a break, all of us gathered at the field to play games. It was the most waited time. There were six groups altogether. Each group had two facilitators. The first game was solving jigsaw puzzles. It was interesting because the jigsaw pieces were put in the flour. They had to blow the flour in order to get the pieces since they were not allowed to use their hands.

The next game was placing a pen in a bottle. This game needed full cooperation from each group member. Each of the group members had to hold a rope that tied to the pen.

The most fun game was passing balloons. The balloons have been filled up with water. They had to pass the balloon in a line sequence and finally put the balloon into a pail. They really liked this game even though they were wet at the end.

catch it!

The electrical black out was back to normal after the game ended. So we proceeded the activity with plaque score. The residents were so amazed with the fluorescent-like solution that indicate the presence of plaque when it was seen in the plaque disclosing booth. The assigned facilitators gave some brief explanation to them and we can see that most of them were starting to realize the importance of maintaing good oral health.

plaque score

The tiring day was ended by a closing ceremony. The vice director; Siti Maisara delivered a speech during the ceremony. Then, we called upon our lecturers and the supervisor of PEYAKIN to give prizes for each group. They were very excited to get the prizes.

prize giving session

The excitement grew when we aired the multimedia presentation on photos and videos taken along the day. After that, we cleaned up the place and packed our things. Around 1.15 p.m, we departed home.

your smile, we care! :)

report by: Adibah Hanim
pictures by: Ain Nabilah & Fitriah Adibah