Promo: Taaruf Week , White Coat & Best Student Award Ceremony

Yesterday; 10th September, The First Year students were safely arrived at our luxurious apartment hostel after spending three days at our main campus in Nilai for registration & Taaruf Week. To be honest, we seniors are very very excited to meet the juniors and to get to know all the 29 new students.

So people, let us begin this wonderful first week of our semester (Semester 1, 2011/2012) with this two great events:

say what?? TAARUF WEEK again...??

"O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.." Holy Quran, 49:13

yeah. I got the point. 

Some of you especially the new students may not have any idea on what the event is all about. WHITE COAT CEREMONY is actually a pledge-reading ceremony where all the THIRD YEAR students will recite an oath saying that they will do good in performing their jobs and treating patients for their upcoming 3 years of CLINICAL sessions.

and for the BEST STUDENT AWARD Ceremony...well, as its name portrays: award for excellent students.

so people, enjoy the events!