AGM result.

Today held the AGM.

The MC was Nisreen (3rd year) and doa’ recitation by Wanzul (3rd year)

Miss Rohazila gave an opening speech with also gave us a compliments to our success in handling and organising programs.

After that, it was continued with the former President’s speech - Annurdin.

Then, it’s time for the election of the new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the other committee’s members.

So, this is the result.


President: Muhammad Hafiz Yaakob (3rd year for 2009/2010)

Vice President: Nurfarhana Mohd Yusop (2nd year for 2000/2010)

Secretary: Hafizah Abdull Wahab (3rd year for 2009/2010)

Treasurer: Ahmad Zulkhairi

The other committees:

  1. Kaiyisah
  2. Akmal Khalis
  3. Siti Nur Farhanah
  4. Hanisah
  5. Mohd Fakhri
  6. Nur Hanis

Congratulation to the new DSC.

Good luck and do the best! :)

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  1. -Den3- says:

    best jgak lau letak gambar2 batches yg kat hall of fame tuh..hehe