Annual Grand Meetin’ o’ Dental Student Club – Pirate (English) ver.

instruments to keep your oral clean.

Salam 'n ahoy everyone.

T' all dental students o' USIM, thar will be an Annual Grand Meetin' o' Dental Student Club. Th' details o' th' meetin' are as stated below.

Date    : 9 February 2010 (Tuesday)

Venue  :  Al-Quds Hall, Level 15

Time    : 5.30 p.m.


'tis th' list o' positions that shall be selected on that day:

  1. President (Cap'n)
  2. Vice President (Firs' mate)
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Academic Unit
  6. Sports and Recreation Unit
  7. Cultural Unit
  8. Community Unit
  9. Promotion Unit
  10. Spiritual and Counselling Unit
  11. Arkib Unit

Afore attendin' this meetin', loot time t' reckon 'n choose th' scallywag (members) that ye reckon be th' most suitable fer each position. These scallywags can be from all batches o' dental faculty. Jus' reckon first 'n durin' th' meetin', ye may elect yourself or others fer th' various positions as stated above. Yer cooperation be highly appreciated.

Below be th' tentative o' th' programs:

5.30 p.m

Assemble in Al-Quds hall.

5.40 p.m

Doa recitation.

5.45 p.m

Speech by Miss Rohazila.

5.55 p.m

Speech by DSC’s Cap'n, Muhammad Annurdin.

6.05 p.m

Election fer th' new committee hands o' DSC.

7.05 p.m

Speech by DSC’s new Cap'n.

7.15 p.m


Thank you.


p/s: the language is just for fun but the programs are real.

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  1. -Den3- says:

    [p/s: the language is just for fun but the programs are real.]

    it's kinda funny when you mention this^_^