Dental Scientific Seminar and Exhibition 2010

On the 9th and 10th June 2010, faculty of Dentistry USIM had held a Dental Scientific Seminar and Exhibition. The objective of the seminar is ‘a clinical approach towards optimum restorative outcome’. We were honored to have speakers from around the world to give the talk in the seminar.

The speakers were: Prof Dr Benjamin Briseno Marrquin (Germany)

Dr Marc Bachmann (Switzerland)

Dr Joseph Postigo (Philippines)

They shared many different and unique skills in the clinic to improve quality of the treatment. The first ever dental seminar held by our faculty, have been attended by postgraduate students from other universities, private practitioners and many others. There were also exhibition held to promote dental products and new inventions from various dental supply companies.

The event had truly opened our eyes as the undergraduate students to the new world of dentistry. It shows that in this field of study, there will always be new improvements and upgrades to improve our clinical practice and as a student, we need always to keep up with the new advancement and become an excellent dentist. Wallahualam

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