Hiking Training

In commemoration for our grand event of the year, Gunung Datuk Hiking trip, DSC had held a fitness test or in another word a training session for the participants who will be joining the trip this coming Saturday.

We’ve made 2 training session during the weekends at Bukit Saga, Cheras, which is just in front of our hostel.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Hadi says:

    Hmm.. I actually don't know the name of that hill but I'm sure it's not Bukit Saga. (or maybe I'm wrong)

    Btw, can u give me DSC's Flickr name? Wanna add it as my friend. :)

  2. nysah says:

    owh, not bukit saga? hentam j lah~

    DSC xde flickr sndiri lg
    it's my old unused flickr i've made about a year ago

    Flickr's name:nysah

    mybe next time i'll make one.