put it in all your efforts!

before it's too late to post this..

this coming week,starting on the 8th to 12th March.
2nd year students will be seating for their end of sem 2 exam:

8/3/10 - Memorization of Quranic Verses Final Exam

9/3/10 - Behavioural Science and Oral Health Final Exam

11/3/10 - Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Final Exam
- Community Dentistry Final Exam

12/3/10 - Operative Technique Final Exam

followed then after a gruesome fortnight of studying,
will be the 2nd PROFESSIONAL EXAM approaching on the 29/3-5/4.

so to all 2nd year,
not forgetting, to our debaters
who have participated in the
debate 'Piala Naib Canselor USIM' this weekend,

put it in all your efforts and
the best of luck to all!

sincerely from the new exco of information~